Keeping current in an ever changing environment is key and Allied Steel Rule Dies, Inc. is committed to using the most efficient equipment and processes.    Allied is equipped with a state of the art rotary and flat laser system, automated rule bending equipment and the latest versions of AUTOCAD, CIMEX and ARTIOS software to ensure the most accurate, efficient and productive die available.


We are continuously looking to improve our processes and service, allowing positive changes for upgrading the quality and competitiveness of our business. Our quality control system, based on ISO 9001:2000 guidelines, emphasizes a thorough recorded inspection of all products. Every item is inspected as it passes through the various steps of production. A copy of this Quality Inspection Form can be supplied with any item ordered. 


Allied is centrally located in an over 19,000 sq. ft. facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We provide quick, on demand turn around with delivery services available and have a large inventory of die making supplies including hundreds of types of rule, rubber and punches.